Group Classes


Aerobics is always a great way to build and tone muscles. Our professional trainers offer a wide range of fitness exercises and routines all designed for your specific desire and aim. These are done at a variety of levels so you never have to feel over-worked.


Pilates, since developed in the 20th century, not only improves your physical well-being through strengthening muscle, better posture and decreased chances of injury but also improves your mental well-being. It is proven to increase concentration and control which is beneficial to our day-to-day lifestyle.


Nothing spells out discipline, control, flexibility better than yoga. Stemming from Ancient Indian traditions, yoga offers you the best of spiritual and physical tranquillity. Our trainers will enable you to find your inner core and understand your own body better. Combined with the use of calming sounds and breathing you will definitely feel more stress-free.


Zumba combines Latin and international music with exhilarating fun exercises to give an effective workout. You can guarantee an intense workout, a fantastic fun way of burning calories and a good way to improve your dancing skills.


Spinning offers a great cardiovascular workout guaranteed to help you lost excess weight, if done regularly with a balanced diet. This can get intense so please view our timetable to see the different class types available and as this is very popular, make sure you call to book your place!